What a summer!

What a summer we are having! I guess depending on how you view it, the heat and sunshine is a treat, or maybe just a little too much. Needless to say, our gardens are all showing the signs of stress from the lack of rain. Lawns are showing it the most, and some herbaceous plants have dried up so much that we are cutting them back as we would in the autumn. Others, such as Echinacea purpurea seem to be thriving.

Most roses are still looking good, as are some shrubs. We don?t generally plant at this time of year anyway, and this year is no exception, but I would advise anyone thinking of doing so to wait until the autumn when hopefully we will have had some rain, and the temperatures have come down.

As gardeners we are challenged to think about how we can minimise the impact on the environment, including how much watering we do. Choosing plants that can cope with prevailing conditions means we should have to water them less, but given the drought we are experiencing, even those we consider suitable for dry conditions are being tested. As we experience more frequent extremes of weather, some plants will come to be considered less appropriate, while others will become much sought after. We will have to adapt not only our gardens, but our approach to gardening itself.