Spring planting…

The days are getting longer and we are gearing up for one of our busiest times of year. The weeks following the beginning of April represent one of our main planting seasons, the other being the autumn. This is alongside looking after our client?s gardens as well, so plenty to do!

Although we schedule in when we will do a planting project, the weather always has to be kept in mind – best laid plans and all. Along with the weather, we also pay attention to the soil condition, specifically whether it is drying out to a point that is suitable for planting. This will partly depend on the type of soil – we will start planting on lighter, free-draining soils earlier than those which are clay based, sometimes leaving those until June.

It?s tempting to get carried away and think that just because spring is here then its ok to plant. I think there is little point in paying for a healthy plant only to then plant it into cold, wet soil, where it will be stressed. Far better to wait a few weeks for soil conditions to improve and do it then, and you will find that your plants will get off to a good start.