Wildflower meadow
  • Ox-eye daisies on a June evening
  • Drifts of ox-eye daisy
  • Close up of ox-eye daisies
  • Drifts of field scabious
  • Close up of field scabious
  • Close up of greater knapweed

Wildflower meadow

This beautiful wildflower meadow forms a stunning backdrop to a large rural garden.

In June the meadow is in full flower with spectacular drifts of Leucanthemum vulgare (ox-eye daisy), followed in August by delicate blue Knautia arvensis (field scabious) and intense purple Centaurea scabiosa (greater knapweed). This planting also includes Geranium pratense (meadow cranesbill).

This is low maintenance planting, with all growth simply strimmed off once in late summer when flowering is complete, left on the ground for a few days to allow the seed to fall, then raked up and composted to keep fertility low.

Meadows can be planted in a variety of sites and soils, with the species chosen accordingly.

Lavandula stoechas & Stipa tenuissima

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