Living willow dome
  • Detail of completed living willow dome
  • Planting the main willow rods
  • Weaving the willow dome
  • Willow hearts made by children
  • Willow insect
  • Completed living willow dome

Living willow workshop

We ran an interactive living willow workshop for children, parents and staff at Brue Farm Day Nursery. During the day the staff learned how to weave and tie living willow to create a large play dome. We prepared the site in advance, and planted the main willow rods, ready for the staff to work on - they found it a great team-building exercise! The images show the preparation of the dome, staff hard at work and the finished dome.

We also worked with staff and parents to help the children make small willow items such as bracelets, bugs, hearts and fish - the images here show some of the inventive and lovely things they made.

The final part of the programme was for us to go back the following day and complete the dome, adding some little windows as finishing touches. We also installed a seep-hose watering system, and play bark to keep the interior clean for the children to enjoy. As well as providing a lovely den for playing in, the dome will be used for story times, a welcome shady spot in summer, and for Forest Skills.

The willow was grown locally on the Somerset Levels by Musgrove Willows.

Lavandula stoechas & Stipa tenuissima

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